The Different Types of Body Shaping Underwear

There are different types of Cheap Shapewear in the market. One of them is ‘commando’. This underwear is more like a thong. It is straight from the top as well as from the bottom. It is hiding a little and showing a little. It is more like a sex appealing underwear and very trendy indeed. It does not show as much as a thong does, but still it falls under the category of sexy underwear.


There is another option that is for people who think that commando is not meant for them, they can wear On Gossamer as well. This is even less revealing than thong or commando but it is still similar to thongs. This is more comfortable than you can imagine. It does not reveal the exact shape of your body but it somehow flattens your waist with your hips.


Hanky panky is another name when we talk about thong. It is very stretchable and it adjusts itself well on the body without rising up. This leaves you more comfortable and less bothered about whatever you are wearing. This is also not as revealing as a thong.

After talking about them, how can we forget about ‘G-String’? It is small and revealing. It can be too much for some people, and for few, it is exactly the thing what they were looking for. It is for those, who are very confident and are ready to attract the opposite sex in all probabilities. This is stylish, cheeky, and fun to wear.


One cannot wear anything under any Cheap Sexy Clothes . Wearing the right type of underwear is an art that everybody should learn. If you want to wear underwear just to keep your modesty, do not go for things like g-strings. For this, you can wear underwear that can be eaten. Surprised! Yes, this type of underwear is made of sweets combined together.



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