Alex Ohanian: five Things To find out About Serena Williams’   Boyfriend

He is the man everyone wants for more information plus size womens clothes about! Serena Williams earned her seventh Wimbledon name on This summer 9, and boyfriend Alex Ohanian is at the stands cheering her on. Have to know more regarding the man in Serena’s existence? Look no further! Remorseful, Drake! Serena Williamsis used! The 34-year-old tennis plus boyfriend, Alex Ohanian, thirty-three, has been happily supporting her as the girl takes over Wimbledon, and now we should know more regarding him! He is actually extremely famous in the own correct. He’s among the co-founders of just one the Web’smost famous information site.


cheap sweatshirts 1 . He is the co-founder of Reddit!

Alexis wholesale Christmas costumes wholesale Christmas costumes co-founded Reddit in 2005 with Steve Ryan. He remaining the website in 2007, yet he came back full-time in 2015. He is also helped launch Hipmunk, a travel search site, and Breadpig, which produces geeky companies donates the proceeds to charity.


2. Alexis and Serena began dating in Oct. 2015.

Alexis and Serena apparently met in alunchand began dating right after they fulfilled. They’re extremely private regarding their love, but he is been continuously supporting her throughout her Wimbledon operate. After the girl won the Wimbledon ladies final, this individual posted the sweetest message to congratulate her.


three or more. He’s a powerful advocate against the Prevent Online Piracy Act.

This year, he talked out against the Prevent Online Piracy Act suggested by Our elected representatives. He thought the legislation would cripple the ongoing future of the Web. “ It’s not merely Reddit, ” Alexis stated in a Youtube-video at the time. “ It’s each and every other social networking site away there would be vulnerable by this bill. inch Since getting the Internet’s knight in shining armor, he’s been dubbed the “Mayor from the Internet.


4. He is got a knack for producing logos

! This individual doodled the logos for all those three of his online companies, according to his site! An entrepreneur and an designer? Is there anything at all this guy cannot do?


five. Alexis is definitely a best selling author

This individual released his – With out Their Authorization: How the modern world Will Be produced, Not Handled – in 2013. The book is definitely a help guideto aspiring entrepreneurs.




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